Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I'd love to give this a title but there ISN'T ENOUGH TIME!

Your dream's fulfilled, you're rockin' with the best. Unforgivable I'ma put your browser to the test! It's J Witty here, burning up the blogosphere with a nuclear barrage of narcissism.

Speaking of nuclear, 24 has just been phenomenal this season, and we're only five hours in. . For those unhip to what I'm talking about (and shame on you for missing out), Jack Bauer is tied to a chair by a group of terrorists and begins his escape by BITING A DUDE'S THROAT OUT. And this was just in the first hour of the season. There's also the business with his brother (who did some bad stuff last season, but then again I mistrust anyone that wears a Bluetooth perpetually) and how Jack's father may have helped support the terrorists who have already blown up a chunk of California.

What I don't like about 24 this year is the timeslot. It's in direct competition with my other favorite show Heroes, and I honestly feel like a change in scheduling is in order over at NBC. I know that DVR has revolutionized the way tv is watched by allowing people to disregard programming schedules, but Nielsen ratings are tracked when the shows are actually aired. I fear that with the overlapping viewerships of both shows, the "new kid on the block" is going to get shafted.

I don't want to shock anyone here, but studio suits are typically clueless, particularly when it comes to programs that generate followings. They'll have a look at dwindling Monday night numbers and put an all-too-early kibash on one of the best shows on right now. Just me being paranoid I guess.

Ah well, back to another session of Gears of War. For those still curious, my tag name is indeed N00b St0mper, and I play pretty frequently. You might catch me playing Call of Duty 3, but it seems like a lot of the Halo fanboys have made that game their online home so I've been forced to get used to the trash-talking of prepubescent piss-ants. Such is life...errrr..Live.

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