Saturday, January 27, 2007

One Dead Gungan

Just to piggyback on my last post, here's something that I'm sure a lot of Star Wars fans have been waiting for, courtesy of Yes, Jar Jar Binks encased in a block of carbonite. Is he dead? We can dream, can't we? More photos from ILM studios can be found by clicking the link.

Wait a minute....ILM? Those are the guys that animated every excrutiating frame of that annoying orange bastard! I guess even they knew that we wanted to see Jar Jar Binks frozen and lifeless. Talk about catering to the diehards!

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Brad Tilles said...

In the future, if I ever become incredibly wealthy, I will commission a sculpture of myself screaming as I am encased in carbonite. It will be the centerpiece of my mansion and a definite conversation starter.