Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Britney Ripped My Style!

Well, it's official: The once-reigning princess of pop has gone way over the deep end. While there is a silver lining here, in that the media finally has something else to latch on to that isn't the ongoing Anna Nicole Smith saga, it also makes the 16-year-old me weep. Like most young men growing up in the 90s, I had a huge crush on her. Now, she's crushing us with every night-club freakout, new tattoo and impromptu prison haircut.

Don't get me wrong, the shaved head look is awesome on the right person. On me, for example (wink wink). But Brit, come on. When you got rid of K-Fed, we rejoiced. Now look at you. You're years away from a worthwhile comeback at this point, and your shenanigans aren't helping matters. Aside from your career, you do realize that there are two kids thrown into the mix, right?

Now that I've weighed in on the subject just like everyone else in the blogosphere, I just discovered God of War for the aging PS2 this past week It's one of the most addicting games I've ever played. From beginning to end, it was such a satisfying experience that I can't wait to jump into it again before the sequel comes out next month. Developers, take note: This is an action-adventure game done right. The violence, nudity and threesome mini-games are just the icing on the cake. And the secret ingredient of said cake is awesomeness.

And since the game takes place in Greece, it's got me all amped up for the upcoming 300, brought to us by Frank Miller (Sin City, The Dark Knight Returns) and Zack Snyder (Dawn of the Dead). I recently picked up the 300 graphic novel (of course I did, it's Frank Miller and I'm a whore), and the movie should be, like Sin City before it, a bloody good time. Pun absolutely intended.

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Brad Tilles said...

Next thing you know, she's dressing up like Lex Luther for Halloween.