Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't Stop Believin'

It was a pretty normal night at Greenwich's Sundown Saloon on Friday, drinking with my friends at a small table next to a jukebox that I never noticed before. Naturally, in between swigs of Magic Hat, I wandered over and shuffled through the songs. Then I saw it, a song that, up until a week ago, was merely another 80s staple and karaoke favorite. I threw in a dollar, made my pick, and leaned against the wall as Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" began pouring out of the speakers. I then got plenty of "you bastard" looks from my friends and strangers alike for the next few minutes or so.

The song is now forever tied to that final scene of The Sopranos, as the family sits down for onion rings in a small diner as Meadow proceeds to suck at parallel parking outside. There's tension (and Journey) in the air as we, the audience, become wary of everyone else in the diner, knowing full well that something is about to happen. The scene cuts to black as Meadow, presumably, is coming through the door. What happens? Did that guy come out of the bathroom and cap Tony? Were we the ones who were whacked? Did Meadow enjoy the onion rings? We'll never truly know what happened, but I guess that's the point. People will be talking about this ambiguous ending for years, that is, until the inevitable Sopranos film comes out. Oh, Hollywood.

On another note, I made my second-ever trip to Foxwoods with two of my friends the following day, and actually ended up winning by the end of the night.It was less than $200, but it was pretty much all from a slot machine, so I really can't complain.

Which reminds me...if one fails to clean a slot machine, does that make it a dirty slot? ::rim shot::

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