Thursday, August 30, 2007


What's happening, Wortmaniacs? You know, usually when an idea pops into my shiny noggin, I'm forced to see it through to fruition no matter what. Today, that idea was that BioShock the hot new just-released XBox 360 game, was something that I just had to own. Alas, I'm a week too late according to the four stores I ventured to during my lunch break and after work.

Asking clerks if they have any copies of said game can be a daunting experience, as the "no we don't" is typically accompanied by a look usually reserved for questions like "do you carry unicorn testicles?" Needless to say, I'm one Bioshock short of...owning Bioshock. But the good news is I've made some fairly decent video game purchases in the last couple of weeks.

Madden 09, for example, is a worthwhile purchase and is far from a roster update. It's a full-on better game, with improved controls, play selection and graphics. That's not to say I don't frown upon the Madden zealots that crowd the video game stores at midnight of release and skip work the next day to play what is essentially the same game they've been playing for years. Of course, this could all be bitterness stemming from jock passion for a decidedly nerdy hobby. Just stay away from the comic books, frat boy...

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