Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Delays, Heat Waves and HD

And here I thought today would be pretty lowkey. My last day of work before a much-needed day off, a relaxing night at home, cracking a brew or two and throwing on a DVD. Alas, last night's storm had left Manhattan and all railways therein completely and utterly f*cked.

It took me an hour and a half to get to Grand Central, much of which was spent crammed into a standing-room-only rail car complete with an air conditioner that decided that it wasn't necessary to circulate air on one of the most humid days on recent record. Bang up job, Metro-North. Good show.

I couldn't nap, and I couldn't even enjoy my recently revamped Nano, with about 20 percent less "songs that I skip when I put it on shuffle." I just stared out the window as my sunglasses continued their journey down the bridge of my nose. Sweating? Sure I was. My shaved head was glistening like a freshly washed tomato. But I bet it's not half as good in a salad.

The other saga concerned my dealings with a certain corporate megastore and its inability to process order cancellations on time. You see, I am currently in the market for an HD TV to put in my bedroom, having found one online at one particular store I decided to order it. Thinking it over, I realized that I wanted the thing sooner than later, and changed my mind. I would pick it up tonight after work, set it up, and generally be kicking ass in life at least for a moment. But alas, said store has not yet processed the whole "do not want" thing, and yadda yadda yadda. Long story short, I can't get my TV yet. Angry James led to Disappointed James led to Blogger James. A downward spiral to be sure.

Tomorrow is another day. A day at Six Flags Great Adventure in fact. Meh. Could be worse.

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