Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Freddy Returns to Elm Street

You knew it was coming. According to movie news site Ain’t It Cool News, Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company—responsible for remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Amityville Horror—has set its sights on Freddy Krueger and a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. Of course, since this news has hit the Internet there’s a fair amount of fanboy moaning, with all this talk of Michael Bay having his way with childhoods and ruining Hollywood. It’s the kneejerk reaction to just about any movie announcement these days.

While I do enjoy the original Elm Street film, and admittedly see the sequels as worthwhile diversions, I can’t seem to get either angry or excited about this announcement. While it may be a testament to Hollywood’s complete and total lack of ideas as of late, Freddy Krueger is hardly sacred ground in my book. Also, if you’re really feeling nostalgic, pop in the original movie. It’s as schlocky as it is imaginative and hardly the classic we seem to remember it as being. But it is a whole lot of fun. And the sequels essentially turn Freddy into a child-murdering stand-up comic. Not much horror to be found there but, like I said, they’re amusing.

The only troubling aspect of this announcement is that series mainstay Robert Englund will not be reprising his role as the titular razor-fingered boogeyman. This seems odd to me, as Freddy is far more than a guy in a mask. Anyone with a foreboding physique can play Leatherface or Jason Voorhees. But Freddy? Englund is Freddy and has been for nearly 25 years.

Then again, a franchise reboot won’t work if we’re constantly reminded of the previous installments, so I’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt. Until then, sweet dreams, Wortmaniacs.

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