Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get Doc Brown on the Phone!

I think an archived New York Times piece may be proof that I am fully capable of time travel. Take a look at this July 22, 1858 police blotter:

POLICE.-CHRISTOPER MEYER was fined $10, yesterday, for having. on Monday, stolen a child's hat out of the sitting room at the Jersey City Ferry. In default of payment, he was sent to jail for ten days. ACCIDENT.-JAMES WORTMAN, while passing up Montgomery-street, on Tuesday evening, in a state of intoxication, ran against a lamp-post with such force as to fracture his collar bone. He was taken to his boarding house in South Third-street.

Who doesn't want to party with 1850's James Wortman?

1 comment:

Doomed True Believer said...

James I told you not to have that last Tom Collins you old dog you. And what did you hit a tree with, your horse and buggy?