Monday, May 5, 2008

"Come on, genius..."

If you were one of the millions of people who caught Iron Man this weekend, chances are you also caught the brand-new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. If you're a shut-in and you didn't make it to the multiplex, the video is now available on

Now, I know skepticism is fairly popular amongst Internet movie geeks, it's part of the culture. Head over to any forum at Ain't it Cool News, for example, and you'll be bombarded with some pretty hateful bashing of about each and every upcoming summer blockbuster, with particular venom aimed squarely at Dr. Jones and company. Frankly, I don't get it.

Sure, Harrison Ford hasn't gotten any younger in the 19 years since Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and a lot of fans were let down by Lucasfilm's Star Wars prequels, but I have absolute faith in everyone involved in this project. Ford, director Steven Spielberg and executive producer George Lucas would never agree to a fourth Indy film if it wasn't worth dusting off the whip and the fedora one last time. And this should excite us as moviegoers. After all, aren't adventure films like the Indiana Jones series the reason we all go to the movies each and every summer?

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Anonymous said...

Who cares if he hasn't gotten any younger... he's Harrison Ford. Love the new trailer, I honestly could not be more excited!
This is a movie I am going to be fist pumping during.
P.S. This is an extra special comment. It's written from CT.