Friday, May 15, 2009

Random Bloggery for May 15

Happy Friday, Wortmaniacs! I hope you all have awesome plans for the weekend, whether they be going out for a few drinks, taking a road trip, hanging out with friends or marveling at Tom Hanks’ computer-generated coif in Angels & Demons, which opens today. Wait, that’s a practical visual effect? Could have fooled me.

I'll most likely be spending a lot of time sleeping off a cold that I caught a few days ago. Fun, I know. But speaking of things I picked up this week, I bought the latest Green Day album, 21st Century Breakdown, and I really like what I’ve heard so far. Stay tuned for a Wort Report Review.

On the gaming front, I finished X-Men Origins: Wolverine-Uncaged Edition for Xbox 360 last weekend. While it’s by no means a perfect action game—the enemy AI is pretty stupid and some of the stages seem to go on forever with little sense of pacing—it’s incredibly satisfying overall. The game is refreshingly violent and visceral in ways Hugh Jackman’s film character could never be without jeopardizing a “family-friendly” PG-13 rating. In short, this is one of the rare cases where a video game adaptation is far better than the movie it’s based on. Give it a try even if you couldn’t stand the cringe-inducing Wolverine film.

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