Friday, July 3, 2009

Live-Action Star Wars TV Show Enters Pre-Production Down Under

It’s certainly been a long time coming, but George Lucas’ live-action Star Wars television series is moving forward in Australia, according to SCI FI TV. The site notes that producer Rick McCallum has approached several well-known Australian writers to work on the project, which is still reportedly slated to begin airing in 2010 (although that seems unlikely at this point). The series will also be shot in Australia.

I know that it’s gotten pretty popular to rag on all things Lucasfilm post-Return of the Jedi (and even that has its fair share of critics), but I was pleasantly surprised by The Clone Wars when it began airing on Cartoon Network last fall. The computer-animated series is a lot more fun than the prequel films, and captures that swashbuckling space opera spirit that turned many of us into Star Wars geeks in the first place. Hopefully, this new live-action series will similarly expand on the best parts of the mythology.

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