Sunday, July 5, 2009

Okay, Now They’re Doing a View-Master Movie

It’s been a surreal Fourth of July weekend thus far. On Friday, my 1999 Subaru Legacy finally kicked the proverbial bucket (busted transmission, I’m sure). It’s pretty sad that I’m losing my first “real” car (not counting my dad’s Toyota Corolla that I learned to drive on), but the incident has finally given me the push I needed to go out there and get a new vehicle. The search begins on Monday, and I’ll keep you posted on my quest for the Wortwagon Mark II. Yep, I just called it that.

While my much-needed four-day weekend has allowed me to indulge in my dual love for barbecues and exploding stuff (thankfully not the aforementioned car), there was a news item that caught my eye late last week that I can’t seem to shake. I didn’t want to blog, write or do anything work related over the long weekend in an attempt to preserve my sanity, but the fact that someone out there is actually considering making a full-length movie about the friggin’ View-Master has only served to drive me further into the depths of madness.

Coming Soon reports that Fringe co-writer/producer Brad Caleb Cane wrote on his Twitter page that a film based on the iconic toy is in the works. Star Trek/Transformers scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman will be involved. Kane describes the film as being “like the old Amblin movies: Goonies, Young Sherlock…in that vein.”

And I thought an Asteroids movie was a bad idea. At this rate, someone’s going to fast-track Slinky: The Movie to capitalize on this trend of idiocy. I can hear the trailer now.

“Alone or in pairs…this summer…one metal coil springs into action.”

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