Sunday, September 27, 2009

Could the Hulk Be the Villain in the Avengers Movie?

Personally, I think it’s essential that Marvel Studios’ upcoming Avengers film feature the Hulk in some capacity. But in a recent interview with MTV News, Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton seemed pretty excited about the possibility of ol’ Jade Jaws squaring off against Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and other Marvel luminaries as a villain in the team-up film. Not a bad angle, to be honest.

“In the comics, there was always a tension between the rest of the superhero community and he was always this problem,” said Norton, a longtime comic book fan. “I think that’s a fun way to go with it.”

The Avengers hits theaters in 2012.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, thats looks good. I liked the second hulk movie, the first was such garbage, I even remember buying it to add to the collection and popping it in the dvd player and it would not even play. Garbage.