Friday, September 25, 2009

Michael Caine Debunks Batman Sequel Casting Rumors

Since news on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight sequel is pretty much non-existent, the Internet has been buzzing with speculation that stars such as Johnny Depp, Philip Seymour Hoffman and even Megan Fox may be attached to the highly anticipated film as villains. To get some clarification on the issue, MTV News caught up with Alfred Pennyworth himself, Michael Caine, at the Toronto International Film Festival. The big news? There still isn’t any.

“There is nobody, there’s no script, there’s nothing,” Caine said. “It can’t possibly be made before 2011 because Inception is such a big picture.”

As for Depp’s involvement? “Johnny Depp is great in anything, but there is no Johnny Depp in this Batman. They tell me in no uncertain terms.”

Nolan’s Inception, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, opens July 16, 2010.

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