Monday, November 23, 2009

A Wort Repose

I’m taking a much-needed break from my full-time job, and while I thought this would mean I’d be posting more updates than usual this week, I’m probably going to be taking it easy until after Thanksgiving. With so many great new video games currently in my grasp (Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii), I’m going to be preoccupied for the next few days in a very good way. Plus, I do sort of need to sleep in and relax for a change.

Even if I don’t blog, I’m still writing my weekly reviews of Heroes and Star Wars: The Clone Wars for the good people at Broken Frontier, so check those out on the odd chance that you’re jonesin’ for James Wortman. And, if you are, you should probably know that there are far better things to be addicted to—elective surgery, for example.

11/24 Update: Well, that break sure as heck didn’t last! I'm like the Jay-Z or Brett Favre of mildly popular nerd bloggers...

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