Tuesday, February 9, 2010

EA Has “Far-Reaching” Plans for Mass Effect in 2011

Gaming blog Kotaku reports that Mass Effect 2 publisher Electronic Arts is planning “something far-reaching” for the Mass Effect franchise in early 2011.

Is this “far-reaching” something a spinoff? Downloadable content? Or could we be getting Mass Effect 3 next year? After finishing the second game—which is one of the most satisfying titles I’ve ever played—I immediately wanted to dive into the final installment.

BioWare project manager Casey Hudson has reportedly said the developers “definitely want to make Mass Effect 3 a fairly short turnaround.”

However, unless BioWare began working on the third game immediately after finishing the second—which is possible—getting it shipped next year could prove challenging even for them. The last thing we want is a rushed wrap-up to the so-far stellar Mass Effect trilogy.

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