Friday, June 4, 2010

Thor’s Movie Look Unveiled?

Earlier this week, Ain’t It Cool News posted some leaked concept art from The First Avenger: Captain America, giving fans their first glimpse of what Chris Evans will look like as the star-spangled superhero. Not longer after those reportedly legitimate pics started generating some serious Internet buzz, Collider unveiled concept art of actor Chris Hemsworth (Star Trek) as Thor, whose self-titled film debut hits theaters May 6, 2011.

Here’s one of the images:

Marvel released an official image of Hemsworth as Thor back in April, but this is the first full-body view of the costume we’ve seen thus far. It’s hard to judge this too harshly—it is just concept art, after all—but this outfit looks more like really good San Diego Comic-Con cosplay as opposed to the live-action iteration of our favorite Norse god. There’s something vaguely cheap about this design, and I think it just might be the leathery 1990s Matrix influence it seems to have.

Having said that, Mjolnir is glowing, and that’s awesome.

For more images of Hemsworth as Thor click here.

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