Tuesday, December 28, 2010

'The Empire Strikes Back' Deemed Not Scruffy Looking by the Library of Congress

On the same year Star Wars fans celebrated the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back—considered by most to be the best film in the saga—the acclaimed sequel reached another illustrious milestone in 2010 when it was added to the U.S. Library of Congress’ National Film Registry.

Also among the 25 films honored was George Lucas’ student film Electronic Labyrinth: THX 1138 4 EB, which joins Empire and Lucas’ previous inducted works Star Wars: A New Hope and American Graffiti on the Library of Congress’ list of films considered worthy of preservation.

Empire’s induction comes just weeks after the death of its director, Irvin Kershner.

Other films added to the National Film Registry this year include Airplane!, The Exorcist, The Pink Panther (1964) and Saturday Night Fever.

For the full list of 2010 inductees, click here.

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