Saturday, February 12, 2011

'X-Men: First Class' Trailer Hits the Web

I’ll come right out and say it: I haven’t been paying all that much attention to Fox’s X-Men: First Class, set to debut in theaters on June 3. After the disastrous X-Men: The Last Stand and the downright idiotic X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I doubt this franchise can be salvaged at this point, but director Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) is nevertheless making an attempt to do just that. If he fails, the number of bad X-Men movies will officially outweigh the good ones.

Set in the 1960s during the Cuban Missile Crisis, X-Men: First Class recounts the formation of the legendary mutant superhero team. Of course, central to the story is the burgeoning rivalry between Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender). Other characters appearing in the prequel include Beast, Mystique, Havok and Emma Frost (played ever-so-seductively by Mad Men’s January Jones).
posted the first trailer for the film earlier this week, and I have to say that it looks somewhat promising. The shattered relationship between Xavier and Magneto has always been the cornerstone of the X-Men mythos in any of its incarnations, and as long as the film is semi-coherent, it’ll be a step up from Wolverine.

Watch the trailer below.

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