Friday, January 20, 2012

Sex and Violence? In MY Comic Books!?

I caught this news report from a Washington, DC, Fox affiliate about an hour ago on Topless Robot, and I’ve been nerd ragin’ ever since. In it, inept “journalists” wag their fingers at DC Comics for the company’s recent “New 52” relaunch and all of the sex, violence and adult themes publishers have unleashed on the youth of America ever since.

“Batman and Catwoman having sex on the rooftop!” “A drunken Bruce Wayne!” “Blood-spattered battles with heads whacked off!” How dare DC Comics market overt sex and violence to children—clearly the audience that DC is targeting these days! After all, it’s not like Batman hasn’t dealt almost exclusively with adult themes since 1986, right? Wait, what year did The Dark Knight Returns come out?

Oh, by the way, Bruce Wayne isn’t drunk on the page featured in the report…he’s faking it and it says as much on the panel itself. Research, amirite?

According to one critic in the piece, Neil Bernstein, PhD, DC Comics is evidently selling “fictionalized Playboy for kids at its worst.” Keep in mind that the report acknowledges that many of the relaunched titles are responsibly marked as “Teen” or “Teen-Plus,” meaning that they’re NOT for kids and thus making this whole thing a non-story.

Furthermore, if these “fictionalized Playboys” are such an issue, why not go to the source and interview the editors at DC Comics and ask them about the company’s creative direction? Maybe this Fox affiliate could have some actual reporting and found out that kids aren’t even interested in comic books and instead gravitate toward superhero cartoons, films and video games? I know fact-finding is more difficult than manufacturing controversy, but it’s kind of what journalism is.

Anyway, here’s the report in its entirety.

Relaunched Comics Using Sex and Violence To Sell:

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