Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A New Beginning

An English professor at the University of Connecticut once told me that one of the most important exercises for a writer is to keep the pen moving. Now, aside from the multitude of wedding cards I’ve signed over the past few weeks, I haven’t gotten all that much use out of physical pens. Nevertheless, the advice is still pertinent: A writer should always be writing.

Fortunately, my career as a digital media producer has afforded me ample opportunity to write extensively just about every day. However, that dedication to the craft forced me to make some sacrifices, and I begrudgingly made the decision to close up shop on The Wort Report after maintaining it for the better part of six years.

Since my attention has needed to be focused elsewhere, I just couldn’t bear to allow something I cared about to kinda-sorta exist “just because.” As such, on Sept. 24, 2012, I hit the “publish” button on what I believed at the time to be my final blog post.

Well, looks like it wasn’t.

 With my fandom for all things nerdy reaffirmed at New York Comic Con this past weekend, I’ve come to the realization that blogging about the things I care about is very much a part of who I am.  With that, I’d like to officially welcome you all back to The Wort Report.

*Allow me to reintroduce myself:
  • My name is James Wortman. I’m a digital media producer in the sports-entertainment industry. My writing is sometimes known for its excessive, outrageous and aggressive alliteration.
  • Comic books are kind of my thing.
  • I frequently play video games. Minecraft terrifies me ... too many sharp edges.
  • I own many action figures. A friend of mine recently got me into Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line, which will no doubt lead me down a dark path lined with Battle Cats and Moss Men. Tempting, right ladies?
  • Coffee? I like it.
  • Bustin’ makes me feel good.
Well, there you have it. For better or for worse, The Wort Report has returned. Check back here for updates and random thoughts from my shiny dome, and be sure to follow me on Twitter (@JamesWortman) for 140-character nuggets of nerdiness.

*You read that in Jay-Z’s voice, didn’t you?

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Doomed True Believer said...

Wortmans back, back again. Wortmans back, tell a friend!