Friday, May 24, 2013


If you’ve been in my general vicinity for more than five minutes these days, you’ve probably noticed two things:

1) I’m quite bald in real life.

2) The Room is one of my new favorite things.

The bizarre 2003 cult film directed, written by, starring and oddly not regretted by Tommy Wiseau was introduced to me recently by coworkers, and it’s not uncommon to hear me muttering quotes from the film to myself followed by the type of unsettling chuckle typical of guys who find styrofoam peanuts to be hilarious. I’ll let you ponder whether or not I’m among them.

My obsession with the unintentionally hilarious piece of cinema has absolutely nothing to do with popular culture, which might explain why Urban Outfitters’ out-of-nowhere choice to position Tommy Wiseau as their YouTube ambassador of all things Memorial Day kind of freaks me out. And you should be freaked out too.

Stop being so “fed up with this world” and watch the video below.