Monday, January 20, 2014

In the Wake of Wortmania

It’s funny. As much as I seem to love the sound of my own voice in the real world, it’s always difficult for me to open up about my life on my own blog. Perhaps it’s because my work-dominated schedule isn’t as interesting as the goings-on in the geek world at large, or maybe it’s because I’m clinging to some form of privacy in the Instagram/Twitter/Facebook era. Then again, if you follow me on those platforms, you’re already privy to at least some of the salacious details of my 30th birthday party (Wortmania) and are familiar with my growing collection of nerdy bottle openers. I might be the worst kind of hypocrite.

That being said, I rarely blog about my life outside of comics, collectibles, movies and the like, so what I’m about to say might come across as a bit out-of-character in this space.

Thank you.

If my 30th birthday and its associated celebrations have taught me anything, it’s that I’m surrounded by some of the most caring, creative and fascinating people imaginable. And since my my real-life and online friends make up the bulk of my modest audience on The Wort Report, I thought it would be only appropriate to use this forum to formally acknowledge how much you are appreciated. I have honestly never felt more fortunate than I do right now, and even a week removed from my birthday, I’m still overwhelmed by it all.

If a person is defined by the company they keep, I must be doing something right.

The image above kind of proves my point. It was made by my friend Ann Marie. She likes cows. And yeah, I guess I do kinda have a Zordon thing going on.

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