Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thwip! The Amazing Spider-Man Comes Home

Man, why did news like this have to drop on a Monday night? Don't studio execs know I was working?

If you've gotten eyes on a computer or a smartphone screen in the last 24 hours, you already know that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have reached an agreement to share Spider-Man, meaning that the Wall-Crawler will be swinging alongside Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the rest of the The Avengers in the very near future.

Marvel.com has the full press release on this amazing development, but here's what we know:
  • The new Spider-Man will debut in a forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, which The Wall Street Journal has confirmed to be Captain America: Civil War.
  • After the all-new Spidey appears in the MCU, Sony will release its next Spider-Man film on July 28, 2017. The new film will be co-produced by Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige and Sony's Amy Pascal.
  • Sony will continue to finance, distribute, own and have creative control over the property.
  • Characters from the MCU might appear in Sony's Spider-Man films.
So what does this mean? Well, it seems like we'll get yet another Spider-Man movie reboot, its second in just 13 years. It also means that the continuity of Sony's Spider-Man films will fit in line with Marvel Studios' flicks, so Spidey will be a part of that shared universe with Sony still being able to take ownership over the franchise. It's the ultimate win-win for our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.

Who's going to play Peter Parker? Will we have to sit through yet another origin story? Will Spidey play an integral role in Captain America: Civil War, as was the case in the comics? The questions continue to mount in the wake of this announcement. Yet, if one thing's certain,  it's a damn good time to be a True Believer. 

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