Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yes, I'm Still Here

Wow, has it really been two weeks since my last blog post? Time flies when, well, time flies no matter what kind of time you might be having.

Speaking of time, I haven't had much of it to myself lately, which is actually a pretty good problem to have if you think about it. Nevertheless, whenever something awesome has happened in the geek world, recently I've been stricken with pangs of guilt. "Should I carve out time to blog about that? Would anyone care if I didn't?" As it turns out, I've just realized, that latter question doesn't and shouldn't really matter.

Look, I'm well aware that I'm not exactly killing it on here in terms of page views, and I never have. Yet, I've always believed in the importance of keeping the pen moving ... or in this case, the keyboard clicking. And my keyboard just hasn't been clicking as much as I would like it to (outside of my full-time job, that is). I want to change that, entirely for myself.

So, consider this a re-up. Expect more of The Wort Report, whether you want it or not.

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