Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thoughts on the New 'Spider-Man' Casting

Although my mind has been focused on another hero from another publisher over the past 24 hours — Batman: Arkham Knight owns me at the moment — I couldn’t help but sit up and take notice that Sony and Marvel Studios have chosen a director and a Peter Parker for their forthcoming Spider-Man reboot.

English actor Tom Holland, 19, will step into Spidey’s tights in the 2017 reboot, with relative newcomer Jon Watts directing.

I can’t really speak to Watts’ abilities as a director — I’ve never heard of Clown, Cop Car or Eugene!, which are among his previous credits — but I will say that Holland fits the bill quite nicely as a high school-aged Parker (especially since he's actually a teenager). The key is for Parker to be believable as both a socially-awkward nerd and a quippy costumed hero when he's behind the mask. This kid looks like he might be able to pull that off.

My sincere hope in general for this reboot of a reboot is that it avoids the pitfalls that sunk the last two iterations of the franchise: namely an excess of both antagonists and melodrama.

Holland has already been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter as being rushed to the set of Captain America: Civil War, in which he’ll make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut next May. The Webslinger’s solo film, meanwhile, will hit theaters July 28, 2017.

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