Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Marvel's 'Spider-Man' Reboot Gets a Title

Although Spider-Man's making his big Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War, arriving May 6, Peter Parker's going to be spinning webs in a solo film, due in theaters July 7, 2017. Its title? Spider-Man: Homecoming. I'm only speculating at this point, but future titles in this new series might be Spider-Man: Junior Prom and Spider-Man: Senior Cut Day.

Jokes aside, even the cartoony logo has me feeling like this movie will be a step in the right direction as the Wallcrawler stars in his sixth solo film since 2002. Tom Holland steps into the trademark red-and-blue tights this time around, with Academy Award-winner Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. Rumored to play the villainous Vulture in this reboot, according to Variety? Former Batman (and Birdman), Michael Keaton. If that's true, I might start crawling the walls myself, and I haven't been bitten by a radioactive ANYTHING ... that I know of.

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