Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Disney Wants You to Live in a "Star Wars" Spaceship

I haven't talked it over with my fianceƩ yet, but given the fact that Walt Disney World is planning Star Wars-themed resort that lets you live inside a spaceship, a permanent move to Orlando might need to happen.

As reported by Walt Disney World News Today, the resort would immerse visitors in a two-day night interactive story involving live performers, lightsaber training and secret missions in Disney's Hollywood Studios' Star Wars land. This is of course in addition to an "on-board" cantinas, dinner shows, exclusive park access and droid butlers.

I repeat: Droid. Butlers. 

The resort experience would cost roughly $1000 per guest, and would coincide with the anticipated Star Wars land opening in 2019.

This information came to light thanks to a Disney guest survey about the forthcoming resort that was distributed by a third party. Naturally, people are excited.

If this actually happens, the Force faithful will finally get the chance to legitimately live, eat, drink and breathe Star Wars for two nights. I know I basically do that every weekend, but never with droid butlers or actors dressed like Duros. 

For more details on Disney's plans for a Star Wars resort, head to wdwnt.com.


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