Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fox Wants Ridley Scott for Alien Prequel

Awesomely, it seems as though 20th Century Fox is not going to be moving forward with a prequel to its 1979 sci-fi classic Alien without the original director, Ridley Scott, at the helm. Entertainment Weekly has the full story.

While it was previously reported that relatively unknown director Carl Rinsch was in line to reboot the franchise, Fox sources told EW that this is simply not the case. However, Scott himself has yet to comment.

I don’t necessarily think that a prequel to Alien is necessary. I’m aware that, from a business perspective, brand recognition is extremely important in idea-starved Hollywood. However, do we really need an expository film to shatter the mystery that made the original film so fascinating in the first place? Just introduce new characters in the same film universe, write a good script and pretend that those terrible Alien vs. Predator movies never happened. By starting fresh with a completely new sequel story, the film won’t be as tethered to decades-old continuity and will have far more room to grow.

Regardless, it’s cool that Fox isn’t rushing things, and it would be even cooler if Scott finally returned to science fiction.

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